Chickpea Curry - This punchy super food Chickpea curry is packed with goodness and spices. Ideal for a post work-out boost or for having with friends round the TV. Served on a bed of rice or whatever you fancy!! - Serves 4 - 20 mins prep time, 15 to 45 cooking time - Approx. £3.30 (Sainsburys, and excluding the price of common spices and using canned chickpeas)




- Cumin Seeds

- 2 x Bay Leaves

- Turmeric Powder

- Coriander Powder

- Chili Powder

- Cumin Powder

- Gara Masala Powder

- Fresh Coriander



- Ginger (1 thumb)

- Garlic (5 cloves)

- 2 x Onions



- Jar of Tomato Passata


Wild Basmati Rice


x1 can or fresh chickpeas










1. Chop up your onion into bite sized pieces


2. Peel and slice up your garlic cloves into small as possible pieces. Season with salt, then use the knife to crush the garlic into a paste.


3. Get a thumb sized piece of ginger and chop up into thin slices. Then crush down into a paste with the knife.


4. Heat an oiled pan on the stove (Pritch uses Rape seed oil) then once heated, add the cumin seeds.


5. Add all of the prepared Garlic, Ginger and Onion and fry from approx. 4 mins


6. Once the onion is browned, add the Bay Leaves


7.  Add the Tomato Passata to the pan


8. Add all of your spices and mix


9. If needed, add a small amount of water to the mix to loosen it all up


10. Add the chickpeas and mix


11.Add approx. 1 table spoon of lemon juice, and either 2 teaspoons of sugar of the Agave syrup


12. Season with salt and pepper and the leave to simmer from approx. 30 min. (The longer you leave it the better it will taste!!!!)


13. Put on your rice or other base


14. Add coriander approx 5 mins before serving


15. Serve on a bed of rice and enjoy!






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